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  • Redline Flight Micro - 2015

    Redline's Flight Micro takes your aspiring young rider to the top step. It features an ultra-stiff, super-light aluminum frame and aero fork that fly around the track… [more]

  • Easton EA50 Riser Handlebar
    $49.99 - $50.00

    The EA50 Riser boasts the lightness and durability of Easton's aluminum TaperWall construction for outstanding stiffness and extraordinary strength. Plus, the… [more]

  • 3T ARX PRO Stem (+/- 6-degrees)
    $59.99 - $89.99

    Good looks and great design are abundant in 3T's ARX Pro stem. It's made of forged aluminum for light weight and excellent stiffness. Refined shaping of the clamping… [more]

  • Redline Flight Expert XL - 2013
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (1 Review)

    If you don't want to be behind a Redline Flight Expert then you better be on one. It features a tough yet lightweight Redline R6-aluminum frame for awesome handling and… [more]

  • Yakima SteelHead

    Yakima's SteelHead holds your bike rock-solid with a super-secure fork block and wheel tray. Plus, the long-throw quick release negotiates fork safety tabs without… [more]

  • SRAM X9 Front Trigger Shifter (2 x 10-speed)

    When things get hectic, a missed shift can be the difference between winning and losing, cleaning a hard section or walking. So SRAM designed the X9 shifters with Exact… [more]

  • GU GU Energy Gel Single Serve
    $1.29 - $1.49

    GU Energy Gel keeps you on top of your game. This great-tasting gel fights physical and mental fatigue and aids in your recovery after workouts too. Plus, the… [more]

  • FSA OS-190 Stem (+/- 6-degrees)
    $29.99 - $39.99

    FSA's OS-190 Stem is a worthy upgrade for your favorite two wheeled machine. It's made of forged and machined aluminum, so it's light, durable and strong enough for any… [more]

  • Shimano Women's SH-WM60 Shoes

    Shimano's Women's SH-WM60 Shoes offer top-notch technology at a wallet-friendly price. Their women's-specific curved lasts offer excellent fit and foot stability and… [more]

  • Yakima Landing Pad 2

    Yakima's vehicle-specific Landing Pads are required to mount Yakima Control Towers to your car. One end of the Landing Pad attaches to the Tower and the other end… [more]

  • Redline MX 20 - 2015

    Ready to go straight from the shop floor to the racetrack, Redline‚Äôs MX 20 has everything you need to blast out of the gate, over the whoops, and into the berms! The… [more]

  • Yakima Q14 Clip

    Yakima's vehicle-specific Q Clips are required to mount Yakima Q-Towers to your car. One end of the Q Clip attaches to the Tower and the other end attaches to your… [more]

  • Redline Covet - 2013

    Redline's Covet is engineered to take on any terrain with a playful geometry and durable construction. It features a strong full chromoly frame and fork as well as… [more]

  • WeThePeople Curse 18

    WeThePeople is no ordinary company, and the Curse 18 is no ordinary bike. The Curse is perfect for first timers and smaller riders who aren't quite ready for a 20-inch.… [more]

  • Easton EC90 XC Handlebar

    At only 99 grams, Easton's EC90 XC Handlebar is a must-have for any souped-up, ultra-light cross-country rig. It's constructed from carbon fiber and features CNT… [more]

  • DeFeet Levitator Lite

    DeFeet's Levitator Lites are excellent for cyclists who like thin-socks. Their sleek and comfortable design eliminates pressure points and reduces friction.… [more]

  • WeThePeople Seed 16

    Give your child WeThePeople's Seed 16, some water, and a helmet, and watch them sprout into a BMX protege. The burly-yet-light steel frame and steel fork are the… [more]

  • WeThePeople Justice
    Product Rating
    4.5 stars
     (6 Reviews)

    WeThePeople serves up Justice with a bit of attitude on the side. Borrowing features from pro-level bikes, this shredder's frame comes in two sizes with a chromoly down… [more]

  • Sugoi RS Bib Shorts

    More panels mean a better fit and more comfort, and Sugoi's RS Bib Shorts deliver thanks to their form-fitting contoured 10-panel construction. Sugoi's Ultra-Aero knit… [more]

  • Yakima Q5 Clip

    Yakima's vehicle-specific Q Clips are required to mount Yakima Q-Towers to your car. One end of the Q Clip attaches to the Tower and the other end attaches to your… [more]


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A device attached to the bicycle that supports it for parking. It's called a "kickstand" because you put it up and down by kicking it with your foot.